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Open Business Bank Account in HK

You may have problem to open Business Bank Account in HK?

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Service Description

What difficulties can you face while opening a Hong Kong? Due to the strict rules and regulations on money laundering within Hong Kong as well as FATCA regulations, many account openers may be disappointed. So, if you are being refused to set up a Hong Kong business bank account, these might be the reasons why: Your trading accounts do not have any trading history. Your business does not have a regular income, have lots of bills and a risky nature considering it as a high-risk business. Banks do not find it safe to open an account of such businesses. If you have not done any business or trading with Asia, banks may hesitate to open your account. If you live far away from Hong Kong and do business regularly in other countries, it might affect your business account. You are a citizen of America. (Note: If you are an American trying to set up a Hong Kong business bank account, there are minimal chances that you might succeed. But it is always recommended not to give up, give it a try at first!) And, Fortune Tech (Asia) can assist you to open a business bank account in Hong Kong. We only charge you $2000 and will refund if your application is not successful.

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Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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